Virtual CFO was conceptualized to give companies access to invaluable financial expertise at an affordable price. It is not always feasible for mid-size businesses to hire a full-time CFO, and are unable to leverage the full potential of their financial function for business growth.

At Virtual CFO we review all areas of Finance function and unlock the profits hidden in business efficiencies, proactiveness, and the use of technology to maximize human efforts.
We use Microsoft Power BI to automate the data collation process seamlessly and give you actionable, cohesive, interactive, and visually engaging business insights at your fingertips.


Virtual CFO is founded by Husain Arif, a Chartered Accountant with over 14 years of rigorous industry experience. Husain started his career with a reputable audit firm in the UAE and then moved to corporate finance where he held senior positions in Finance Functions across several multi-billion dollar organizations (including a stint as Group Financial Controller at Midcom Group).

He has been involved in heading the entire Finance function, participating in business decisions based on financial analysis, ensuring effective business processes and controls. He has supported management and stakeholders in developing long term strategic plans, market entry/acquisition and spin-off decisions. He has been instrumental in rolling out ERP and automating various business processes.


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Attention To Detail

Small details can have a great impact on financial health. We do not leave any stone unturned and take into account all crucial details in designing optimum solutions for business problems.

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Result-Oriented Approach

We believe that solutions are only as good as their implementation. Hence our recommendations are well thought through yet practical to adopt to ensure optimum resolutions to real business problems.

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Cutting-edge technology

In the current digital era, technology will play a vital role in giving businesses a clear edge. We leverage best in class tools like Power BI, Advanced Excel, ERP and other collaborative tools to automate accounting and finance functions in order to optimize available resources.

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Value-Oriented Solutions

Our financial acumen and deep business insights are designed to aid business profitability and efficiency. The return on investment for our services far exceed our cost.

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Extensive Expertise and Experience

At Virtual CFO we believe in the perfect combination of expertise and experience. Our expertise derived from years of cross industry experience gives us the in-depth insight into financial processes, staffing and technology that helps us align our clients’ financial management to their business goals.

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Customized solutions

Given our years of experience across industries, we believe no two business are exactly same. We tailor our solutions according to the specific business requirements, available resources and industry best practices.

CFO of the Future will need to be the connector between Business & Technology