SAFE TECHNICAL SUPPLY COMPANY LLC is a Trading, Engineering & Consulting Company offering various engineering products and services while representing some of the world-renowned companies for the Middle East. Being present for over three decades in the Middle East, they provide complete packaged solutions to various segments of the industry such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Waste Water, Power, Fertilizer, Marine and other various Industrial Sectors. With a qualified and experienced team of engineers, SafeTech offers customized engineering solutions for major global EPC Contractors in the Middle East.

Group 110

The company has operations in 5 countries and each country has a separate procurement team. The company deals in more than 10,000 SKU and 3,000 different suppliers. Majority of the time the requirements is so technical that the sales team will not know where to procure this particular item from and at what price. The sales team even did not have visibility of the purchase history of that item. Moreover, due to decentralized procurement, the company was not able to leverage the benefits of better pricing and other purchase terms of the different countries.

Group 111

The goal was to give easy to use visibility tools to the Salespeople whereby they can search the following:

  • The purchase history of the particular item, when was it purchased and at what prices.
  • Who are the suppliers for the same and what are their terms?
  • The purchase history of the same item in other countries if they have better pricing.
Group 112

We have combined the purchase data of the company for the last 10 years not only for one country but for all 5 countries and created a dashboard using Microsoft Power BI to give the purchase visibility with various search options like Product Part no, Manufacturer, Product description etc. The dashboard also gives the purchase transactions with the date and prices, the supplier wise breakup of the purchase and their terms. Basically, it gives all the information to the salesperson to inquire and negotiate the best possible price.

The above information is very powerful and the company wanted to secure access to the desired people only. To achieve this we published the data to the cloud and we embedded the URL on the company ERP system so the dashboard was available inside the company’s ERP system and only the people having access to the company ERP system will be able to use the dashboard. The client got substantially benefited from it and they were so happy with it that they named it “Treasure Box”.