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10 Business Intelligence Tools That Every Business Can Afford

For a Business to survive and sustain itself in long run, what does a business need to do? They need to analyze their performance and compare same with competitors’ market trends. In order to attain significant financial profit and thrive in the market business analysis is highly crucial.

In recent times there are piles of business intelligence tools available in the market using which the companies can identify the Significant KPI metrics which help to understand the market performance and using it the companies can build strategies to gain an edge. In recent times business intelligence is widely used and has turned immensely fruitful for companies to get an extra edge over competitors to perform better.

Business Intelligence: It plays with data that business processes and turns them into meaningful insights which can be used further for enhancing profitability. This task is performed using Business Intelligence that represents these insights in form of Reports, dashboards, Charts, graphs, summaries, etc.

These Tools help businesses to make critical decisions as the complete analysis is presented in precise form as complete data is prepared and mined which thereon undergoes statistical Analysis and Descriptive Analysis and is represented using visual analysis and in reports form which helps to take feasible and optimum decisions for sake of making business more fruitful.

Following are the Top 10 Business Intelligence Tools Used in the Market:

1: Google Data Studio:

Google Data Studio

  • It’s an Open-Source online tool wherein the data can be connected to various sources Like Google Sheets, Excel, etc.
  • The Inbuilt AI automatically combines data from multiple linked sources. Analyses and converts it into interactive reports and dashboards.
  • Only one thing is needed to select desired chart type and color themes.

2. Tableau:


  • It’s one of the most used and popular BI tools used by several businesses to generate data analysis of their business operations. 
  • It has various versions like Server, Desktop, Public, Reader, and Online, in which Tableau Public is accessible by everyone wherein the reports created need to be published for everyone to view the details of data.
  • Whereas there’s a paid version as well for personalized use which allows a 14-day free trial before subscription.
  • Visualizations are generated as Dashboards and Sheets, Workbook Optimizer, etc. Also exhibits AI + Analytics, New Search Experience, Deployment guidelines, Customize view data, Intuitive Visualization Toolbar, etc.

3: Microsoft Power BI:  

Microsoft Power BI

  • This BI Platform has various Customization options such as Power Query, Power Pivot, Power Pivot Map, Power BI Desktop, Power Q & A, etc. 
  • Enables to use of data and represents them efficiently in the most productive manner.
  • It provides users a way to use powerful analytics and retrieve meaningful insights for data which can be transformed into amazing solutions-driven outcomes that can provide breakthroughs into business concerns.

4: Qlik Sense: 


  • It offers a number of ways to connect with its easy-to-use features one such is Insight Advisor which enables users to send queries in natural language whereas the response can be returned in a visual form wherein it does provide automatic suggestions and recommendations.
  • Responsiveness is one most critical aspects while using Qlik Sense it can be used with different devices, and the amazing feature is that while using different devices the visualization windows will automatically scale to the size optimizing the device.
  • Cognitive Intelligence enables human vision compiling with machine learning which leads to effective, timely, and quick analytics. This attribute provides recommendations based on context, plus it collects information from the behavior of users, feedback, trends followed in the market, etc.
  • Comprehensive Storytelling can be done as insights can be collected and shared among users. 

5. MicroStrategy: 



  • As BI Tool this platform has varied capabilities that lay productive insights into data feeds. Some of its most covenant features are that in MicroStrategy data can be connected to any source and combined with multiple sources like Big Data, Social Media Platforms, Cloud Systems, etc., which comprises of Data Discovery process.
  • Built Data Wrangling is another significant feature that helps data scientists to explore readily available recommendations.
  • Library of analytics Functions that are helpful for statistical analysis.
  • MicroStrategy, another lucrative feature is the option of including third-party data mining and modeling tools.
  • Other extremely helpful features like Embedded BI, Real-Time Dashboards, and Extensible Visualization Library.



  • For making Smarter and Data-driven Decisions and solutions.
  • Looker gives better cost options based on feasibility and also handles enterprise-scale deployments so as to exhilarate profits and make benefits.
  • By using Built In looker Components new types of data versions can be unlocked and seen which will make quick workflow Development.
  • Looker helps in enhancing the growth and effectiveness of competitive advantage of products at a reasonable cost.
  • With the help of Looker, you can perform Data analysis and visualization across Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, and on-premises databases, as it is an end-to-end multi-cloud integrated platform. 

7. Data Pine:


  • Data Pine provides user-friendly drag-and-drop options. You just need to drag the required KPIs into the interface and see the results in how your data would be represented in graphs and charts.
  • Ease of use is one of the highly recommended advantages while working with Data Pine for predictive Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Forecast engines, etc.
  • A lot of Interactive Features are available to make Dashboards, you can dig deeper into each aspect of the dashboard by using advanced dashboard software features like widget linking, charts zoon, drill downs, and hierarchical filters which would help in complete data discovery.
  • Various Reporting features are available wherein you can use the benefits of BI Reporting Tools and make customized reports also you can make it a protected live URL giving authorized access to view or send over email.

8. SAS Business Intelligence: 


  • SAS offers different BI products and technologies focused on visual data exploration and easy analytics, interactive reporting and dashboards, collaboration, and mobile apps.
  • Visual data exploration supported by machine learning: SAS’ data exploration offers automated analysis supported by machine learning compiled in interactive visualizations that answer business questions such as: “Where do my customers come from?”
  • Text analytics capabilities: interesting features are text analytics which enables you to gain insights from text data such as social media and location analytics which combines data in a geographical context.
  • Reports and dashboards across devices: Dynamic visuals are organized into interactive reports and dashboards, similar to other tools in our lists, and you can access them also on mobile and tablet devices (both Android and iOS).
  • Integration with other applications: You can integrate SAS with Microsoft Office applications such as PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint, or Excel with their Office Analytics solution, enabling you to view your results directly in Microsoft Office Suite.

9. Salesforce: 


  • Easily connect Microsoft Power BI with live Salesforce & data for up-to-date visual analysis and reporting for data migration.
  • Real-Time Data Access (Direct Query)
  • Full Metadata Discovery
  • Robust SQL-92 Support for queries handling



  • Cloud Data Integration employs an ETL engine that enables data execution integration and transformations.
  • Data Mining is another feature using Machine Learning algorithms that help in effective data mining tasks using clustering, decision trees, and neural networks.
  • Pentaho Report Designer helps to process queries from multiple sources including SQL, Flat Files, etc., and generate reports in various formats like TXT, PDF, etc.


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