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How Data Analysis can help your business grow? | VCFO

The fast-paced modern environment is changing and so are the game rules for businesses. It’s time to revamp the way businesses use data to make their decisions more informed and accurate. 

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Every area of a firm, including sales success, benefits greatly from data analysis. You will gain knowledge from it that will help you decide more wisely, particularly in the area of sales and marketing. You can optimize, streamline, and fine-tune every aspect of your organization by embracing data analytics. 

It is rightly said that ‘Analytics’ has the power to completely transform your company’s operations!

There is negligible value in raw data; however, insights from data analysis are what may be used to achieve substantial commercial advancements. The data tells us a crucial narrative about how we process it, using a tried-and-true framework. The power of data is only one aspect of data analysis; another is identifying the appropriate individuals and organizations to use any information.

According to David Stodder, senior director at TDWI, business users are absolutely prepared to abandon tables and conventional BI reports. He explains how visual data analytics can assist experts in processing data in a more thorough and personalized manner and aid them in making decisions based on the facts they are given.

What are the Challenges in Data Analysis?

Every day, enormous amounts of data are produced, posing organizations with a never-ending issue of data analysis. For instance, Statista forecasts that the amount of data generated will continue to rise, reaching 90 zettabytes by 2022 and double by 2025.

Consider it in this manner. Every engagement you have through your various channels, including social media, your website, paid search advertisements, and an online store, generates data. As you continue to analyze data, it may get overwhelming, which will prevent you from getting all the insights you need.

The most important corporate issues are data collection and its implementation. Online data analysis and business results are strongly intertwined in the millennium. Tools for personnel management, complex analysis of massive data volumes, and people analytics are all becoming more prevalent. Let’s discuss the problems encountered during data analysis.

  • Gathering useful data
  • Choosing the best analytics tool
  • Data visualization
  • Multiple-source data
  • Low-quality data
  • Scalability issues
  • Data security

Nevertheless, one still needs to employ the data to their advantage in order to gather meaningful information that will help your organization expand and remain competitive.

The absence of effective cash flow control procedures is the primary cause of 82% of business failures. You might want to think about using virtual CFO solutions if you operate a firm and want to be one of the 18% who flourishes.

Benefits of Appointing Virtual CFO for Data Analysis

A skilled and knowledgeable virtual CFO may do a thorough examination of the data to pinpoint the key factors that affect a company’s margins. It can spot chances for development and optimization, like enhancing cash flow and establishing healthier and more sensible margins. They are aware that one of the fundamental components of an organization’s health is its margins. It is more challenging to manage financial difficulties and expand the firm when the margin is low. On the other hand, a margin rise can significantly impact an organization’s cash flow and bottom line. And all these things are possible due to a virtual CFO. Additionally, they may conduct a product- or service-based profit margin analysis to identify the cause of problematic margins and provide solutions that can promote business expansion. 

The data may be used to solve business growth, customer service, marketing, and sales challenges. A simplified, data-driven approach by a virtual CFO to decision-making has the following essential benefits:

  • KPI monitoring.

Use key performance indicators (KPIs) that are strategic in alignment. Pay attention to both simple and vanity metrics.

  • Taking lessons from previous mistakes

Create learning and improvement cycles by analyzing the results of both successful and negative actions.

  • Continuous enhancement

Making decisions based on data helps the company grow over time. They can make further adjustments depending on the outcomes, monitor metrics, and progressively apply modifications. This improves the organization’s overall efficiency and productivity.

  • Cost saving

A company can utilize the data gathered to discover potential cost-cutting initiatives. Data may be used to assess a product as well as to detect and resolve problems. The better data is leveraged in decision-making, the more agile the business. This trait enables a company to outwit competition and earn income. Companies that use big data have witnessed an increase in earnings of 8-10% and a drop in total costs of 10%.

  • Flexibility and quick adaptation

A firm will gain an advantage over its competitors if it can predict market changes and respond fast. An industry leader is a company that does market research and produces a viable product. A corporation takes decisions after receiving and analyzing data. True agile firms are more likely than an ordinary corporations to achieve great financial success.

  • Feedback for market research 

The feedback from data-driven decision-making offers an understanding of what customers enjoy and dislike. It can help businesses develop new products and services, and it also helps predict trends. Companies may learn what to expect in the near future and what to adjust to improve performance by researching data. 


A data-driven strategy will allow you to adapt to market difficulties swiftly. It will assist businesses in making decisions based on actual statistics and predicting results in many sectors of the organization with higher precision. It’s the type of tool you need to generate growth, outperform the competition, and retain clients.

By improving financial management through digitalization, you may benefit from these advantages of a VCFO as well as others. Automation will substantially aid you in managing the shifting financial demands of your company, whether you pick an internal or virtual CFO. The end-to-end financial process assistance provided by our company enables CFOs and data analysts to carry out their responsibilities effectively and efficiently while fostering corporate growth via sound decision-making. Reach out to see how Virtual CFO services could benefit your company.

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